50 Shades of Shut up- Why I am so Done with this Trilogy

50 Shades of Shut Up- Why I am SO done with this Trilogy

*Please be aware that this post does contain foul language. If you prefer to read something that doesn’t contain foul language, please check out our other posts at RealTalkMoms.com *

50 Shades of Grey has become a major topic of conversation all over the internet! I swear every where I turn I see “50 Shades of Grey this…” and “50 Shades of Grey that…” and 50 Shades of… SHUT THE FUCK UP. Pardon my language. I am sorry. No, wait. I am NOT sorry. At all.

50 Shades

For the purpose of full disclosure, I will divulge that I did read the books. I also quite enjoyed them! Sometimes the writing got to me, it wasn’t perfect but aside from that, it sucked me in and I just had to know what happened next.

That being said, I can’t stand, for one more second, watching people’s opinions fly around about the movie or the book. People are getting into intense online arguments about this fucking book and the bloody movie!

“It’s abuse”, “It’s not abuse”, “It’s glamorizing rape culture”, “It was consensual”. 

Blah. Blah. Blah….

Do you know what it is? IT’S A BOOK

Know what else it is? IT’S A MOVIE

Know what it’s not? REAL. FUCKING. LIFE.

To all you people saying: “I won’t bother to read/watch/bitch about it, I get what I need at home.” I have to tell you, I get what I need at home too. In fact, I am quite satisfied in the sexual escapades department… (Mostly because my husband leaves me the fuck alone…) reading this book doesn’t mean you are deprived. Taking the time out of your day to comment on something, when you haven’t read the book to tell those on Facebook that you don’t need to read the book because you are satisfied… that, that may mean that you are deprived. Just Sayin’.

Either way, I am getting really sick of seeing all this crap everywhere about this damned movie and book. Stop arguing about it. Read it or don’t. Agree with it or not, but causing a social media uproar because you disagree with a FICTIONAL STORY and it’s premise…. is stupid.

You’re Welcome. Now SHUT IT.

 Normally, this is where I would ask a question, but I really don’t care if you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey or not…

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