Moms at School Drop off- Different Kind of Moms at School

The Moms at School Drop off

There are so many different Moms at school drop off. I have seen a lot! I am the observer, the one standing on the wall waiting for her children to get in the school door or come plowing out of it. I am the mom watching what’s going on around her.

There are many other types of Moms at school drop off. However, in the end we are all Mom’s. Period.

Moms at School Drop Off

School drop off can be very insightful, although you have to remember that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, actions speak louder than words, and blah blah blah.

The Observer

As I said early I am the observer. The observer is usually standing by herself, against the wall waiting for her Children to go in or come out of school. She is quiet and seems very focused on something. Yes, she is. Focused on observing her surroundings.

The Flustered Mom

She flies up to the school, just in time for the bell to ring. Her hair is a mess, she looks exhausted and she probably has a toddler in tow.

The Vixen

She’s dressed in faux leather pants. Her hair is done and her make up expertly applied. She saunters up to the school yard, looking like she just finished a photo shoot. She looks bored as she grabs a red lipstick out of her purse and applies it to her plumped lips.

The Sporty Mom

She looks like she just came from the gym. She’s wearing yoga pants and her hair is in a messy bun perched on top of her head. She still has her iPod in her ears and she’s tapping her foot to the beat as she waits for the bell to ring.

The Bitchy Mom

She’s reprimanding her children as she pulls up to the parking lot acting like she owns the joint. She’s like this every single day. She’s the kind of mother you will probably have an encounter with once or twice if you don’t mind your P’s and Q’s.

The Chatty Mom

She will talk to anyone and she’s headed right for you. She talks openly about her kids, her day and what she ate for breakfast. She just needs some adult interaction.

The Mousey Mom

She slinks up to the school yard, hoping that the Chatty Mom doesn’t see her. She stands quietly in the corner waiting for the bell while staring at her phone and hoping no one sees her.

The Snob

She sees you, makes eye contact, hears you greet her, but still ignores you. She doesn’t want to talk to any of these moms at school drop off.

Are you one of these Moms at School Drop off?

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