Must be Nice to be a Stay at Home Mom- What do You Do?

Must be Nice to be a Stay at Home Mom, What do you do all day?

“It must be nice to be a Stay at Home mom. You must be so freaking happy all the time. I work two jobs, take care of a household and am a single Mother and yet I make time for you, what do you do all day that you can’t answer the phone when I finally have time to call you?”

Have you ever heard this before? I have.

must be nice to be a stay at home mom


Must be Nice to be a Stay at home Mom….

Because I am at home with my kids, some of my “friends” think that I should be available at a seconds notice based on THEIR schedule. They work, so when they call, when they have time in their busy schedule, it is assumed that I should drop everything and answer the phone.

Let me just clarify something. As nicely as I possibly can. You CAN’T drop everything in the middle of your shift if I call your cell phone. You are busy. So what makes you think that when you get off work at 9pm and I am in the baby’s room dealing with a hungry baby, that I can just drop the bottle and make my baby wait so I can answer your call? What does that have to do with being a stay at home mom, at home with my kids during the day? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Just like you get busy, so do I. I can’t necessarily plan when all hell is going to break loose in my household. If you call me at 2pm on your break and I don’t answer, perhaps it has NOTHING to do with me ignoring you. Perhaps it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I am elbow deep in a baby’s shitty diaper. It’s also not my fault that when I call you back, your break is done.

I can’t be available at your beck and call, and you can’t be available at mine. 

Real friends will understand that life gets difficult. Real friends will understand that just because we have different daily routines, that does not make one person busier, more important or better than the other.

Must be nice to be a Stay at Home Mom. That can be met with Must be nice to get adult interaction every day and get paid to socialize, but I don’t believe that. At all. So I would NEVER say that to a working mom. NEVER. I would expect the same courtesy as a Stay at Home mom.

Have you ever heard “Must be Nice to be a Stay at Home Mom…”

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