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29 Things my Husband did to annoy me today 1

29 Things my husband did to annoy me today

Being married is not always easy!

If anyone ever says it is, they are a liar! It has its good days and its bad. It is work but for the most part it is nice. Like any relationship you can expect your partner to annoy you. Maybe things changed over time or maybe those cute quirks you fell in love with turned to annoyances as you aged. Now that you are both “mature adults” those bachelor habits need to go. But men will not change. So we can bitch all we want and nobody will listen.

We can nag and fight and life will carry on.

Or if you are like me, you can write it down and share with the world so you know you are not alone :)

29 Things my Husband did to annoy me today

-he slept in (I woke with the kids and he got to sleep an extra hour)

-Showered before me even though he slept longer

-left his wet towels on the bathroom floor

-left his dirty laundry on the bathroom floor

-made himself breakfast and left the trash on the counter

-tracked mud down the hall from his shoes

-bought himself coffee while out and I had to make my own

-came home for lunch and causally asked why I did not shower yet?

-asked me what I made him for lunch (you know since I had all this extra time to cook during the day)

-changed his socks and left them on the floor

-ate in front of the TV

-Talked on the phone while in the bathroom

-left the toilet seat up

-came home from work and napped

-ignored the kids fighting (Not sure how he has this ability)

-watched his show without questioning from the kids

-ate dinner in front of the TV

-turned the thermostat up (I was already hot)

-asked me what I did today. Yes it was a normal question but I was already annoyed

-asked for a blow job

-stayed up 2 hours later than me

-drank 3 1/2 beers and left the 1/2 can on the counter

-turned the light on in the bedroom when he came to bed

-woke me to ask where his shorts were

-flopped onto the bed

-hogged the blanket

-woke me for sex


-didn’t argue back when I was bitchy

No matter what they do to annoy you it is usually not on purpose. I find what bugs me one day will not bug me the next. I know he would have a list just as long if he were asked what annoyed him about me.

Marriages are about the good and the bad and accepting each other as we are. Before you all think I am bitching about my spouse, I am not. I am just sharing that we can still love each other even if we tick one another off 😉 He really is not a selfish person liek this. He also cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids. Today was just an annoying day !

So spill it! How did your souse annoy you today?




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  1. Reply DB Johnson Apr 21,2015 7:45 pm

    Excellent observation/commentary. And perfect timing for me! Thanks

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