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3 People who need to be unfollowed on Twitter

Twitter use to be my fave!

I loved to see real time updates from real people. Engage in conversations with people I never would have met otherwise. Laugh and cry with others all over the world who have common values and live parallel lives.

Then as I started to reach out and follow more people, I was more and more turned off. The fakers came out and the downers too! They started ruining it for me. Luckily there is that little thing called an unfollow option. That saved Twitter for me.

After all who wants to see the same drama and crap day after day always from the same people.

There are other people who are difficult to follow and communicate with. They are good at disguising themselves at first. But their true form eventually comes out.


Do yourself a favor and unfollow them! Cut them out of your feed and stop enabling their behavior. Hopefully they will see a pattern and smarten up. Who are they you ask?

The Know it all-a person who behaves as if they know everything.

Everything you or someone else posts, this person has an opinion on. An opinion they just have to share. They can not keep it to themselves or agree to disagree. You can expect them to go through your profile searching for the hot topic and responding every day. They always disagree and are very opinionated. You almost can count on them responding as if you tweeted them directly.

You respond in a polite and respectful way, yet they continue. Again forcing their opinion and possibly tagging others, bringing drama to the conversation.

I can almost guarantee that you can post the exact opposite opinion the following week and they STILL would disagree. They have taken the term engagement to a whole other level.

Unfollow, mute and maybe even block them. Run don’t walk!

You will be glad you did. That day you tweet something you know would have been drama worthy, you will thank me 😉

The Bragger-someone who boasts

There is one thing to be proud. Happy about life in general, your family, work. Things are going great, great! Nobody wants a Debbie Downer or Negative Nellie around. But nobody wants to see a bragger either.

People often think Facebook is the place for bragging, but I think it is Twitter. Because even when I unfollow the braggers, their followers will RT them and I still see it.

I am so great I need a crown/trophy” or “Nobody stands a chance against me” are bragging tweets. Poor taste and petty as well. Be gracious and humble, not rude and arrogant.

Share your success with your followers. I love seeing happy news, our world has too much negative. But be kind and keep it to a minimum.

Unlike these people think, they are not the most important thing online. They are not the start all and end all to our day. Theirs tweets are so full of themselves that they just make their followers want to puke. Or at least those who have a real sense of reality.

Be excited. Be proud. Stop bragging (we all know most of it is fake anyway)

The Compliment seeker AKA Compliment Whore-  A person who is constantly insulting themselves in order to receive pity and sympathy from those around them

‘Do I look fat in these jeans?’

Who would ever answer yes to that question?

These kind of questions want only one answer. They want to be reassured that they look great. These people have low self esteem and need others to tell them how great they are. How pretty they are and how their lives and existence makes the world go on every day *PUKE*

Selfies are fun!

Having a day we need a little “You look fab” love is good for the soul. We all love compliments, when they come naturally and are not forced.

But the people who are on every day whining about “not being loved‘ or “Looking/feeling old today‘ or “Someone just said I look fat‘ plus so much more. Well, they just want attention.

And if you give it to them, you may be just as bad.

I can just picture these self absorbed people reading through their flattering comments smiling ear to ear. “Tell me I am pretty!” “Tell me I am better than you” is what they really want to say.

But that would be rude and many would see through that.

So next time one of these 20 year olds say “I have so many wrinkles” or the thin girl says “I am so fat” ignore it or even better, agree 😀 Don’t be an enabler!


Any other personalities on Twitter that drive you crazy?

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