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5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Travel

5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Travel

(NC) Now is the time to make spring vacation plans – and the good news is: there are some simple tips that can add up to significant savings. Take a look at this helpful guideline for maximizing your dollars from Expedia.ca, the leading full-service online travel provider:

Piggy Bank on beach vacation

1. Check for all-in pricing: Hidden fees and taxes can quickly increase the perceived cost of your vacation so be sure to use a site that includes all taxes and fees in the price from the get-go.

2. Bundle and save: Booking flights and hotels together can save hundreds of dollars.

3. Seasonal sales: Look for special promotions during popular travel periods or off-peak periods.

4. Check for extras: Little fees can add up to big bills – look for bonus benefits like free wi-fi, breakfasts, or airport-to-hotel shuttles.

5. Claim your rewards: Valuable points earned through travel rewards programs like Expedia+ can be used to help offset the cost of upcoming vacations

“It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to uncover what can add up to significant savings,” says Sean Shannon, the managing director for the online provider. “We’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers save and members of our rewards program can earn valuable points to redeem on their next vacation while booking their current one.”

More information is available at www.expedia.ca/rewards.

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