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Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring

(NC) Spring is a time to finally ditch those dreaded winter boots, layers of bulky sweaters and after months of a seemingly endless winter gets out into the world and enjoy! Everything is great, except for one problem — you have nothing to wear. Fear not, Canadian lifestyle expert Janette Ewen, offers her top tips on how to update your wardrobe and be fashion ready for spring.

Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring with our great Fashion Tips!

Try bright colours: During the winter, we tend to gravitate towards shades of black, gray, brown and more black. For spring, inject some colour into your closet with an uplifting statement piece like a bright or pastel skinny jean. “One hot colour to add to your wardrobe this spring is Tangerine,” says Ewen. “It’s an energizing juicy shade of orange that’s not overwhelming.”

Make a jewelry statement: Switching up your jewelry is one of the simplest ways to update your look for spring and having the right hero piece is key. It’s time to bring in the ultra-fabulous and always effective statement necklace. The right seasonal necklace can add life to even the blandest outfits. “You can choose a colourful chunky piece or an elongating drop style like Pandora’s Shimmering Rose necklace. This draws the eye vertically, creating a longer torso and a distinct slimming effect,” adds Ewen.

Get some new nail color: Use nails to express your wild side this spring. Get ready for stripes, ombre, multi-coloured and even 3D manicures for an over-the-top look. “Go for a high gloss, cherry red colour to add some life to your nails,” recommends Ewen. “After several seasons of basic neutral nails, this colour feels fresh all over again.”

Think toe-to-head: Shoes are a great way to add a pop of color to your basic warm-weather looks. Shoe-aholics can choose from an array of options this spring from chic flats, lace up gladiators, to platforms and colour block heels. “One on-trend look for spring 2015 is pairing stylish sneakers with a feminine dress,” says Ewen. “This can transform your look from girlie to sporty.”

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