Mom Jeans- 15 Reasons I Swear By Them

15 Reasons I Swear by Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans. You either love them, or you hate them. You know what I am talking about, those wonderfully tacky jeans that sit high on your waist and make your beautiful bottom look like you shoved an empty cereal box down the back of your pants.

Mom Jeans

You may be sitting there thinking: “This bitch is fucking crazy, why the hell would I wear Mom jeans?”

I am here to tell you, that while yes, I most likely am a crazy bitch. I am also not crazy BECAUSE I wear Mom Jeans.. I am crazy despite the muffin top producing, box butt inducing jeans I choose as my attire. Mom Jeans don’t make me crazy, they actually keep me sane.

15 Reasons I swear by Mom Jeans

1. They are comfortable as hell.

2. I can eat that dirty ass, greasy cheeseburger because it’s EASY to stuff my fat ass into a pair of Mom Jeans.

3. I feel like an 80’s supermodel.

4. They go really well with my birkenstocks.

5. Mom jeans make me look like I bake cookies and shit.

6. I can wear them with anything, even those big ass pink underpants I wear on my period.

7. Slap a leather jacket on and now I am “Badass” Mom.

8. Put a big sweater on and I am now “Comfy” Mom.

9. Cover myself in icing and I am “Pinterest perfect” Mom.

10. The pockets are big enough for me to carry the contents of my entire purse and some extra diapers.

11. My Husband loves spongebob square pants… so…

12. No one needs to ask me if I have kids… My pants tell them the truth.

13. They are easy to clean when I get covered in Peanut Butter.

14. The stains make them look even more stylish.

15. I can breathe when I wear them.. except for the camel toe, I need to pay attention to make sure that these jeans don’t “creep up on me.”

Do you Wear Mom Jeans?

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