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When your Husband becomes your Roommate

You know back in college when you had this awesome roommate that you were so happy to live with, but you just really couldn’t wait to get married and share your life with someone? You wanted to share your home, your bed, you deepest darkest thoughts with your partner in life. You may have fantasized about how nice it would be to go to bed with the love of your life, and wake up in the morning beside him as you gazed into his beautiful blue eyes. You may have fantasized about giggles, tickles, and going to bed with a smile on your face as he spoons away your fears.

Husband Becomes Roommate

Fast forward 7 years later. You lay in bed alone while he is out in the living room watching a stupid movie about god knows what.

There are no giggles, tickles and certainly not going to bed with a smile on your face.

You are miserable. You are miserable because you have reverted to college years and you are back to having a roommate that while, you do sometimes enjoy each others company, there is no spark. Do you love him still? Probably. In fact, yes, you know you do.

However, you have fallen into this cycle of wake, eat, sleep, kids etc and none of it is nearly as glamorous as you had once imagined.


While you might feel very fucking alone in your own house… you aren’t alone in the way you feel.

So many women feel like this. So many women go through this and while I can’t offer you any kind of advice. I can’t even tell you how you all of a sudden ended up married to your college roommate, I can tell you that you are not the only person on the face of the planet that feels this way.

 Has Your Husband Become Your Roommate?

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