When Your Kids Grandparents Suck

When your Kids Grandparents Suck

I don’t know about you, but my Kids Grandparents.. SUCK.

My Kids Grandparents Suck

I grew up having a pretty close relationship with my Grandparents. I remember my older Brother and I would frequently stay at my Gigi’s house, sometimes for the weekend, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. I remember my Nana watching us frequently too so that my parents could go out for dinner, or just enjoy each other’s company. Most of the time, however, it wasn’t my parents choice. My grandparents used to… low and behold, ASK to spend time with us kids.

Can you believe it? They WANTED to spend time with us.

Now, I have to let you know, that we were pretty shitty kids sometimes. We were high energy. Very high energy and my older brother had separation anxiety from my Parents, so he used to throw up and keep my Grandparents up all night. They STILL wanted to hang out with us. They would persevere and just find ways to enjoy time with us!

My Kids Grandparents SUCK

Now that I have grown up and have kids of my own, 7 and 4, I watch other people share their Children with their parents. I hear my friends talk about how “Grandma took so and so for a week!” I hear how, Grandpa wanted to take little billy bob and Marsha to the cottage with them.

I just stare on.

I have to ASK. If I EVER want a break, or a babysitter or a helping hand.. I have to ask. That’s ok. I can ask. That’s fine. The rare occasions I DO ask. I get the guilt trip, the run around and pretty much have to fucking beg for any of my kids Grandparents to give half a shit enough to even consider it. It’s as bad as pulling teeth.

My kids CAN be naughty. They CAN be high maintenance.. but I mean.. Come on! What kids aren’t sometimes?!

I think my Father in Law volunteered once. He asked to take them to the cottage for the week…  he then said from Friday to Monday… (NOT A WEEK) and then cancelled last minuet… Fine.

When Nana is done babysitting my kids, she goes on incessantly about how incredibly tired she is for weeks afterwards. She had them for two hours.

One time, my youngest came home with a terrible haircut that my Mother in law gave him… herself, without asking me first. (I STILL Didn’t say a word, because at least she hung out with him!)

Might I ALSO add, that my kids grandparents aren’t in the 60’s! They are in the early to mid 50’s! Give me a break.

Did I also mention that my kids have 4 different sets of Grandparents? 4!

I wish that my kids could have a relationship with their Grandparents the same way I did (and still do) with mine. My kids are missing out.

Do your Kids’ Grandparents Suck?





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