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5 Mom Rants about the Summer Months- Schools Out Kids

Schools out kids! You know what that means, months of summer fun, warm weather and if your kids are like mine. TONS OF WHINING.


I love the summer, there are so many positives about it. There are also many different horrible things about it that make my skin crawl.

5 Mom Rants about the Summer Months

1. They Whine

No matter what you have organized, the kids will whine. At least it seems as though the whine a whole lot less when they are in school, but, alas, school is out for the entire summer and you have to listen to them for all of it.

2. It’s Hot

No seriously I am complaining about the heat in the summer. I love it when I am just sitting there in the sun, or swimming at the beach, but when I have to chase my kids down through sand, (Have you ever ran in the sand? It’s fucking impossible.) I start feeling as though I’d welcome the winter.

3. Ice Cream, Popsicles and Freezies

Again, all is fine if those are for ME. Except that through the summer the kids can start as early as 7am asking me for those damned things. No you can’t have a sleeve of sugar at 7am, go back to fucking sleep. (So much for sleeping in.)

4. Sand

Again with the sand, not only is it hard to run in as I said before, but that shit gets lodged in every single little crack. It sticks to your toes and tracks all over the entire damned house.

5. Sweat

The creases of you legs, behind your ears, between your boobs… SWEAT. Gross, stinking, sticky sweat. You certainly can’t get away with forgetting deodorant in the summer..

Summer can be such an amazing time of year to enjoy, but there are some negatives.

What do you hate about summer? Anything?

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