3 Signs Parenting is not for you, and that's OK

3 Signs Parenting is Not for you

There are people, some people, dare I say, several people out there in the world today that have either decided NOT to have kids OR those that have had kids, that really should have saved their spawn the trouble.

Parenthood isn’t just about appearances. Saying you love your kids on Facebook every five minutes doesn’t make you a good Mother, nor does it fool anyone who really knows you.

Parenting is not for you

If you are leaning towards never having kids, but feel the societal pressure to jump on the baby burping bandwagon or THINK you MIGHT want kids but aren’t 100% sure you can devote your life to them, perhaps you need to consider the following:

Signs Parenting is NOT for you

You expect your parents to watch your kids all the time

If you think it’s Grandma and Grandpa’s job to take your kids every weekend, then perhaps you should keep your legs closed. Yes, sometimes you will need a break, but every second you get a chance to spend any time with your kids, shouldn’t be spent gallivanting like a teenager with your friends and leaving the kids with someone else. Maybe, just maybe if you don’t want to spend time with your kids… don’t have them.

You are a lazy pushover

If you are too lazy to chase your own kids, ensure their good behavior and follow through with disciplining them, then perhaps kids are not in your future. Kids whine, they cry, they try to get their own way and if you give it to them just so you don’t have to get off your fat ass and actually parent, well then you are just turning them into lazy, entitled little shits like you and that’s just a huge disservice to your kids and quite frankly, the world.

You are a selfish bitch

Selfish bitch? Don’t do it… don’t procreate. Kids are about sacrifice, and love and all those things you won’t be capable of if you are a selfish person. Don’t want to have to get out of bed in the morning? Then don’t have kids. Want to be able to lay around on the couch all day? Don’t have kids. Hate watching kids play? Don’t have kids. It’s really simple. If you don’t care about anyone other than yourself, then you really won’t be able to care about your kids or their well being and they will essentially have to parent themselves, or other people will have to do it for you. Which can get fucking annoying.

That’s not to say that everyone that doesn’t want kids are the above noted things either. Some people just don’t want children. That doesn’t make them bad people.

It’s really ok if you don’t want to have kids! Don’t take the social pressure that seems to dictate that you MUST procreate. You MUST NOT! Do Not! Please don’t. If you don’t want kids, don’t have them, because no one else REALLY wants to parent them for you…

Do you know anyone who shouldn’t have kids?

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