Forgot Your Child? You're an idiot

Forgot Your Child? You’re an Idiot 3

I am just going to cut to the chase right now. If you are someone that has left, think you could leave, or condone leaving your child.. in the car, in a shopping cart, or anywhere he/she isn’t safe… I suggest you leave this page now. If you have excuses as to why it’s OK because “everyone makes mistakes…” overt your eyes, because my opinion is quite different and you won’t feel very warm and fuzzy after reading this.

Forgot your child

There have been many a headline over the recent years of Mothers or Fathers leaving their kids in the car by “accident”… forgetting their children. It’s normal to forget a human being that you created right? I mean, our children are an after thought after all, right? WRONG. SO FUCKING WRONG.

From reading all these articles and the douche nozzles defending these poor excuses for parents on social media, I am starting to think that there should be a requirement for every single human being that THINKS they want to have kids, to carry a fucking doll around with them every single day for at least a year. Take this doll in the car, if you leave it in the car and go shopping, you FAIL and your hopes and dreams of neglecting your own flesh and blood will be revoked. If you can go an entire year, without leaving a doll that doesn’t cry, breathe or make one bloody noise, behind… then you can have a real life baby… because if you can do that, there is no way you will EVER leave your real life baby behind.

I am NOT kidding.

How. in. the. fucking. hell. DO YOU FORGET you have KIDS?

You don’t. You’re just a complete fucking idiot and didn’t deserve them in the first place. True Story.

To everyone defending these complete fucking idiots on social media, I have one thing to say to you: You are JUST as stupid as they are. YEP, you heard me. “Oh they are so busy, they didn’t mean to forget.” Seriously? ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? Listen, forget to shave your pits, forget to have a shower, forget to feed yourself. Forget your kids? NO. You have ONE JOB. ONE JOB to make sure that your kids are taken care of. As a parent that is your ONLY concern.

What if these people that left their babies behind worked at a daycare you sent your kids to, would your tune change then? What if it was your babysitter that left your child in a hot car to sweat to death? Is THAT ok? Or is that NOT ok because those people are being PAID to care for your children? Would you be all over social media defending the person that did this to your child? NO. Didn’t think so. “Oh my babysitter was really concerned because her manicure was booked for the following Tuesday and so was her bikini wax, and she left my baby alone in a car, but she didn’t mean to, she just had a lot on her mind.” Not ok? Nope, never too much on your mind to think about someone in YOUR care. PERIOD.

We all lead busy lives. Everyone’s lives are difficult for different reasons. There is NEVER, NEVER an excuse to forget someone that your pushed out of your womb in a shopping cart. Forget a can of creamed corn. NOT A BABY.

This also goes for those stupid idiots that leave their pets in the car to swelter in the heat… Can’t take care of them properly? Don’t HAVE them.



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by a Real Talking Mom

3 thoughts on “Forgot Your Child? You’re an Idiot

  1. Reply Julie S. Sep 6,2015 6:54 pm

    YES! So much yes!

  2. Reply AMotherhoodBlog Sep 7,2015 9:26 am

    I love you for being able to speak the blunt truth that nobody else will. I have three kids and I couldn’t imagine forgetting about them somewhere, especially in the car. I am far from being a perfect parent, I don’t know everything but one thing I do know for sure that no matter what, my kids are usually my first thought, my first priority. Maybe I’m just used to having them around me 24/7, I don’t know but I couldn’t imagine forgetting about them. I feel sorry for these parents, their lives are so hectic they would forget something so imortant.

  3. Reply andrea amy Sep 7,2015 2:05 pm


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