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Twine Wrapped Eggs

Twine Wrapped Eggs
Spring is almost here so its time to start spring cleaning and decorating your home for Easter!  If you are on a budget its time for a little bit of a DIY project. Twine Wrapped Eggs are a simple rustic Easter home decor project anyone can do!  The neutral earth tones of the twine give ...

12 Days of Christmas Cookies 8

12 Days of Christmas Cookies
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a plate full of a variety of homemade baked Christmas Cookies.  There is just something about the smell of the cookies baking mingling with the scent of a freshly cut Christmas Tree to really get me in the mood for the season. Many Christmas cookies can be baked and ...

Awesome Ideas for your Office Secret Santa Exchange! 19

Awesome Ideas for your Office Secret Santa Exchange!
It happens just about every year- in groups of friends, in your office, at church, and even in large families- the (sometimes dreaded) “Secret Santa” game. If you are having trouble thinking of a good gift for your Secret Santa, don’t panic!  You can purchase a great gift without breaking the bank, or pulling your ...